Stern Slate

Oval grey papier-mache mask with curving vertical ridges on its forehead and cheeks.


Materials: Papier-mache, acrylic paint.

It is often easy to get lost in the bells and whistles, and add one more color, shape, or element to a project. Sometimes it’s simplicity that makes the greater statement. That’s what you get with Stern Slate: simple, direct, and no nonsense.

This is one of the first masks I ever made. It’s an abstract decorative piece that I painted to look like stone, and as you can see, even early on I liked making ridges!

Stern Slate is about 11 inches high by 7 inches wide. The front is covered with many thin layers of acrylic paint. The back is rustically unfinished, and there are no holes or wires in it, because it wasn’t designed to be hung up, but it will balance on its chin quite easily against a wall or other object.

A minimalist piece that adds an enigmatic pop of decoration wherever it’s displayed!

Right front of grey mask. It is very flat.