Mask Portfolio

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Mask that looks like woman's face painted pure white with golden hair.

Brown cardboard mask made with horns and red and black painted patterns.

TheĀ Technician
Front of foam robot mask with three eyes. It's mostly dark copper color.

Front of turquoise half-mask.

Black mask with gold highlights and twisted teeth-like structures.

Purple and blue mask with spikes coming out the top of its head. Green pincers wrap around the side of its face.

Cotton Candy
Bright pink and purple mask with a red face and pink tentacles on its head.

Oval green ceramic mask

Umbra HominisGunmetal blue mask with golden and copper highlights. Covers top half of face only.

SentinelBrown and green mask that's shaped like a stylized bird skull. Curved antlers come out the side of its head.

Boxy metal mask made of many small plates riveted together. Steel with brass on side and top of head.

EnduranceOrange and brown mask covered in scales with root-like structures on its face.

The DeterministStern, dark bronze mask with a black line running down its forehead, left eye, and cheek.

Casual Friday
Purple mask with colorful feathers and rhinestones. Covers top half of face only.

SpectrumRight front view of mask painted with wavy colorful lines.

AnemoneLarge mask with many claws coming out the top of its head. Brightly colored with orange, blue, and green stripes.

Salsa VerdeRounded green mask made of overlapping plates with black patterns on them. A pincer comes out each side of its head.

The GathererBluish mask with patches of leather and pieces of metal mesh attached to its face, and plastic feathers coming out the back of its head.

Eye Got ThisLarge mask with crustacean appearance. It has lots of blue eyes, four blue claws, and an orange-black body.

KaleidoscopeBrightly colored mask with claws coming out the top of its head. It does not cover the wearer's mouth and nose.

You Have ArrivedStylized skull mask with large black eyes and no lower jaw.

Yellow OctopusMask with yellow octopus drawn on its face and blue claws coming out the top of its head. It does not cover the wearer's mouth and nose.

The First One
Large, mottled-brown mask with ancient animal appearance. Ridges run down its face and around its head.

Black mask with long, thin curved beak pointed downward, prominent cheekbones, and golden-copper highlights.

Stylized smiling skull mask painted gold, red, and black.

Purple mask shaped like reverse teardrop with rectangular eyes and golden highlights.

Tall, narrow mask with a white face and red, saw-tooth patterns around its edges.

Scorpion HelmetMottled-brown helmet with red scorpion on top of it. Scorpion's claws form the eye holes for the wearer to see through.

CarapaceOval grey mask with stylized insect-like appearance.

Prehistoric Goldilocks
Shiny blue and gold mask with horns coming out the top and sides of its head.

Stern Slate Grey mask with vertical ridges on its forehead and cheeks.
BlueberrySmall blue mask with wiggly black patterns on face. Golden, silver, and black designs on forehead.

BehemothLarge bone-colored mask with two small horns pointing upward, and a skull face on each side of its head.