Little Fossil

Grey stone color tile with brownish-yellow "fossil organism" in it. The organism is shaped like a backward "C" and has curves and ridges on it.

Available at my Etsy store under a different title. Buy it here.

Materials: Papier-mache, acrylic paint.

Even frozen in stone, the twisting curves of this organism tell of the vigor it displayed in life. Who knows what will be discovered in its ancient genome?

I always considered this to be perhaps an alien larva of some kind. Indeed, I was inspired by the box art for some of the Alien movies when I made it. Certain editions have circular swirl designs that I find interesting.

First I created a square tile, then made the larva on top of it, ground and sanded it all, before finishing it with acrylic paint and spray sealer.

It’s a little under 3.5 inches square, and about an inch tall at its thickest point (in the middle of the larva) but most of it is thinner than that.

My projects have a tendency to get bigger and bigger as I work on them. But sometimes pocket-sized is just right size to be.

Picture of tile rotated at an angle.