White sculpture made of interlocking wooden blocks on black background. It is semi-circular in shape. From this angle it looks roughly like the letter K.

Materials: Wood, hot glue, paint.

Here’s another recycled materials project. I found these wood blocks in a scrap box and got inspired by them. I wanted to make something that looked incomplete, but in an aesthetically pleasing way. The shape of an unfinished circle came to mind so I decided to go in that direction.

I attached the pieces together with hot glue. At first I tried to build this around a pot to get the round shape, but found this didn’t make things much easier, so I ended up piecing it together without a form.

Sculpture looks like twisting snake.

 From above it looks like a circle.

Alternative angle.

Alternative angle.

Alternative angle.

From this angle it looks sort of like the number 9.

This is one project where I didn’t have mission creep: once I ran out of blocks, I was done. Nor did I obsess over making the glue perfect or sanding every block. I wanted to just convey my inspiration and make the thing in a quick fun way. I kind of regretted this once I started painting, because the rough blocks really soaked up paint and made that part of the process go more slowly. On the other hand, I think this allowed them to become more saturated with paint than if they were smooth. If I were making this again I’d maybe trim a little more glue and sand it a bit more than I did. In any case, it took longer to paint than to build. At first I tried spray paint thinking that would get into the corners efficiently, but it didn’t, so I painted it by hand instead.

I like how this looks so different depending on your perspective. That’s why I’m including so many pictures. I could see this as part of a light fixture, a sci-fi costume (it can be worn around your neck—imagine it with some white goggles), or a sculpture.