Green Lizard

Close up of lizard head.

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Materials: Papier-mache, acrylic paint.

Though this lizard is small in size, the cloud-like patterns on its back suggest the sky’s vastness over verdant fields.

I sculpted the basic shape by putting down papier-mache on a sheet of aluminum foil. Smaller objects like this can be tough to make, because papier-mache has a tendency to warp at these sizes. So it took a few rounds of grinding and sanding, and then applying more mache material, to make it even and symmetrical.

After that I moved onto painting, which went smoothly. I didn’t base the coloration on any real lizard—though who knows, maybe one is out there that looks like this–but chose colors and patterns that I thought looked interesting together.

It’s a little over 6 inches long from the nose to the outer curve of the tail; about 3 inches wide, and a bit under an inch tall.

Lizard pointed toward viewer.

Side view of lizard. It is green with blue on its back, and within the blue it has white diamond-shaped patterns on its head, legs, back, and tail.

Back of lizard as seen from above.