Frequently Asked Questions

Process Improvement

Q: What got you interested in process improvement?
A: Working as an employee and seeing issues that would repeatedly come up. This got me thinking, “How can I solve this?” So I started making labor-saving devices and looking for ways to increase efficiency.

Q: What’s the biggest challenge to improving processes, and making things more efficient?
A: When people are unwilling to test an idea. Even when there’s very little cost to testing and really nothing to lose. So it’s great to find people who understand why improvements and efficiency are important and beneficial.

Q: Can you work with me to find improvements for my business?
A: Most likely yes, though it depends on your individual needs. If you think I can help your business, contact me, and we’ll discuss next steps. I’m a no-nonsense guy so if I think I cannot really help you, I’ll say so.


Q: What is cloth-mache?
A: The same concept as papier-mache, but using strips of cloth instead of paper, and glue instead of flour and water. When the glue dries it makes the fabric stiff but slightly flexible. To make a mask, I build up a shape using various materials like metal mesh and tape, and cover it with cloth-mache. I got the name and technique from watching Dan “The Monster Man” Reeder videos on YouTube. They’re worth checking out. Here’s his channel and website.

Q: What materials have you used?
A: Cloth, various types of papier-mache, cardboard, plastic, wood, metal, and clay. Those are the main ingredients. Each mask typically has many other types of materials used in small quantities.

Q: How durable are these?
A: It totally depends on the mask. I see them as artwork that is wearable, rather than something meant for heavy use. Some are fragile.

Q: How comfortable are they?
A: It varies. I usually put effort into making them wearable. However, sometimes I’m more interested in doing something that looks as cool as possible, so practicality takes a back seat.

Q: Are these one size fits all?
A: Most are designed for a medium-large head. Some are adjustable to a degree, or could be padded for someone with a smaller head.

Q: Are they for sale?
A: Yes, unless specifically stated otherwise. If one of these masks is singing to you, contact me, and we can discuss next steps.

Q: I have an idea for a custom mask you’ve never made. Can you make it for me?
A: It all comes down to the specifics of the project. Don’t hesitate to contact me about it.


Q: What have you released?
A: Two illustrated children’s books: Adventures of a Bowling Shoe, and Is This My Shoe? Both available here. I also have a science-fiction story about a robot factory worker published in Teleport Magazine that you can read online, and another science-fiction story published under a pen name in The Weird and Whatnot magazine.

Q: What do you typically write?
A: Science fiction stories and web content.