Cardboard Dog Bone Magnets

Cardboard dog-bone refrigerator magnets in a display box.

For sale at Pups Unlimited in Attleboro, MA. Go check them out!

Materials: Cardboard, glue, magnets, urethane.

These magnets combine equal parts whimsy and woof to add that extra doggy charm to your refrigerator.

They’re made of recycled cardboard that I did my magic on and compressed into shape. I cut the back of each on a scroll saw to make it even and finished looking, sanded them individually as needed, and epoxied rare-earth neodymium magnets to the back. Finally I painted them with two coats of urethane sealer. I really like the sealer step because it brings out the “grain” and the rich color of the cardboard, and gives a bit of water resistance.

Want to commission a custom piece made out of this material? Such as a bigger dog bone, or some other shape? Contact me today with your idea!