Who am I and what’s this site all about? I’m glad you asked!

I live in Attleboro, Massachusetts. It’s a small post-industrial city that used to be known as “The Jewelry Capital of the World.” The smoke stacks are dormant now, but there are still quite a few red brick buildings and some big, fancy houses that were built by rich businessmen in the old days. There are also some rivers, ponds, and woods that look very New England and which I’ve spent a good bit of time exploring over the years.

I’m excited by finding interesting bugs, plants, and animals and like to observe nature. I look forward to spring and summer when I can start gardening and growing bugs. I find growing things to be very rewarding.

I’ve always enjoyed being creative. This started with drawing. My favorite subjects were alien creatures, robots, and space ships—and a lot of this was before I got into reading science fiction. So perhaps it isn’t surprising that when I later became interested in writing I began with science fiction. I thought, “I want to write a novel!” so I did when I was around 14. It was about mercenaries who had to stop a rogue spaceship the size of a planet from blowing up Earth.

Since then I’ve worked on a couple other long projects, but otherwise stuck to short stories and essays. If you’re interested in reading a “humorously gritty” children’s book I wrote called Adventures of a Bowling Shoe, and another one about funny-shaped animal shoes called Is This My Shoe?, you can find them here.

Writing took up a lot of my creative energy and eventually I started to miss visual arts. After spending so much time with words I wanted to do something solid. See “Other Portfolio” for some of these projects.

So what about masks? Actually those started relatively later on. I had made a few masks over the years, but in late 2016 I began working on them consistently. Most of what you see here is from this period onward, but I am including a few of the older masks that are interesting.

I like how evocative masks are. They have personality. And I like the idea of making something that can be worn. With each mask I learn something new and am always experimenting. My single biggest inspiration is sci-fi and fantasy imagery, but I’m also inspired by nature, and while working on a project and handling materials I’ll sometimes get a seed of an idea that grows into another project. For example, the overlapping plates on the tail of my Eye Got This mask inspired me to make my Salsa Verde mask.

After making enough of these I wanted a way to show them to the world, and to connect with other people who are excited about this art form. So I made this site as a home base for some of my work.