Depending on how you found me, you may be wondering if you have the right Tom Rozek. Am I the process improver, the artist, or the writer?

I’m all three, and that’s why this site reflects these different activities.


I enjoy creating visual art. This began by drawing and evolved to making masks and sculptures. I find it satisfying to imagine something and then express it in reality.

Click to see mask portfolio.
Click to see sculpture portfolio.

Process Improver

I’ve worked in a variety of jobs across several industries and look for ways to make things more efficient. This ultimately makes for happier, more productive workers, a more profitable business, and customers getting higher quality services and goods with less waste.

Working with businesses on process improvement is something I’m passionate about.


Writing is a universally useful skill and another way of being creative.

I’ve released two illustrated children’s books: Adventures of a Bowling Shoe, and Is This My Shoe? You can check them out here.

Most of my other writing has been various forms of science fiction, and web content.